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From your search history to the websites you visit, everything you do on the internet is monitored, packaged, and sold for two reasons: first, to keep you online; second, to keep making Big Tech bigger and bigger and bigger.

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Project Liberty Action Network is a movement to
build a better web that serves our communities.

The current business model of social media is meant to addict us. This is fracturing our lives, our families and our democracy. Parents worry about their children and their use of technology. The U.S. Surgeon General sounded the alarm around the crisis of children’s mental health due to our excessive use of social media.

Social media is the place where the fringe on both sides of the political divide build their echo chambers that fuel the divisions that threaten our democracy. This behavior is encouraged by social media companies to drive clicks that fuel their profits.

Social media and the broader web can be fixed. It can protect our values and rights. It can benefit people and give them more control over their data. Project Liberty is fighting to make this a reality.

Project Liberty Action Network was envisioned by Frank McCourt, the founder and executive chairman of the non-profit Project Liberty, an affiliated organization that aims to ensure that technology empowers people over platforms and optimizes for democracy and the public good.

We are fighting to fix a broken system.




What is Project Liberty Action Network (PLAN)?

Project Liberty Action Network is an effort to rein in the societal harms of social media and technology and put our nation and world on a better track. We have launched a large-scale campaign to build a world where technology advances human dignity and liberty. This is not just an effort to fundamentally change technology – it’s about the future of children, families, and communities.

The campaign will start by spotlighting the issue of social media’s impact on our kids and society as a whole. We will engage with communities, parents, policymakers, and the media and demonstrate the power of what’s possible when people and good ideas coincide. We are building a movement to create meaningful change.

What is PLAN’s mission?

Project Liberty Action Network is working to build a world where technology advances human dignity and liberty. We are galvanizing a movement for a better web that serves our communities.

We aim to hold big technology companies and political leaders accountable. We will call out the digital corruption that is undermining our democracy and harming our kids. We will advance public policy and new leadership that protects people.

We envision and will fight for a better world where all individuals, not just a privileged few, benefit from a better web.

How is Project Liberty Action Network related to Project Liberty?

Project Liberty is a 501(c)(3) that has been effectively engaging efforts to build a better technological foundation, advance governance and policy, and lead groundbreaking research around the globe. We have started a sister organization, Project Liberty Action Network (PLAN), which is a 501(c)(4).

PLAN is a platform that will allow us to aggressively build a movement of citizens and leaders, advance specific policies, and support and oppose political candidates if it helps advance solutions to the issues we are raising. Through this organization, we aim to:

  • Elevate awareness of the harms caused by social media, AI, and technology and make it a voting issue.
  • Build a sustainable movement of people who are passionate about building a better web.
  • Engage policymakers and influence policy related to social media, AI, and technology more broadly.
What activities will Project Liberty Action Network engage in?

We are spotlighting these issues by launching a large-scale campaign to reach parents, community leaders, media, and policymakers. We will build a movement of citizens and leaders and advance specific policies and solutions. 

The campaign will have a robust public education and awareness component, including: TV and digital ads across the country and in specific markets to get the attention of the public and policymakers, public events that focus on the issues that arise from social media and technology, owned media that helps raise awareness, and talking with reporters. 

We will also seek to build a movement that agitates for solutions. We will rally a sustainable movement of activists and supporters. We will mobilize to support specific policies. Finally, we will support and oppose political candidates if it helps advance solutions to the issues we are raising.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

A PLAN for a Better Web

The problem is complex. It will require solutions that deal with the harms we see today and innovation to build a better web.

We support legislation that will:

Require social media and other technology platforms to ensure a high level of privacy, safety, and security by design and default.

Require social media and technology platforms to design their platforms to make children’s safety and privacy a priority.

Prevent companies from collecting unnecessary data from children, tracking their location, or selling their data.

Hold social media and technology companies accountable for harms caused to children due to both negligent and malicious design.

Require social media companies to remove recommended posts that users did not opt into from their feeds and prevent posts that promote suicide, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

Ensure all social media and technology companies are held to the same standard when it comes to protections.

Give people agency and ownership of their data.


The internet and social media once held so much promise. Over time, however, we have seen that a system with no real accountability has devastating consequences. Social media is fueling a mental health crisis among children. Technology companies violate our privacy. Our democracy is at risk of collapse.

We are on the verge of going over the cliff. We are at a crucial moment to change the trajectory of our technology infrastructure and our country.

We must forge a new path.

Join our fight to take back the web from big tech companies and hold elected officials accountable on policy that pushes for real solutions!


We are committed to building a movement to fundamentally change social media, AI, and technology and deliver a better web. This is no easy task. It will require us to use every tool available, including those we are trying to change. We have to work with what we have, not what we wish we had.

We are also committed to transparency. To that end, we want to inform you that we aggregate non-personal information about how the Website is used. We use tracking cookies to track users as they browse the web. This is done to serve users ads about Project Liberty Action Network.

While we can’t change everything, we can take concrete steps today that improve on industry standards to better protect the digital privacy of those who join our movement and visit our website, including:


  • Do not sell your data.
  • Collect email addresses for our listserv, payment information for contributions, and certain personal information only when provided by the user.
  • Use contact information provided by users to communicate information of interest.
  • Aggregate non-personal information about website usage.
  • Provide an opt-out option for unsubscribing from emails.
  • Host and maintain a secure website and safeguard data from unauthorized use.