A PLAN for a Better Web

We the web — the people who are the hundreds of millions of Americans who are online today — declare our terms and conditions to the social media empire.
  • Require social media and other technology platforms to ensure a high level of privacy, safety, and security by design and default.
  • Require social media and technology platforms to design their platforms to make children’s safety and privacy a priority.
  • Prevent companies from collecting unnecessary data from children, tracking their location, or selling their data.
  • Hold social media and technology companies accountable for harms caused to children due to both negligent and malicious design.
  • Require social media companies to remove recommended posts that users did not opt into from their feeds and prevent posts that promote suicide, eating disorders, and substance abuse.
  • Ensure all social media and technology companies are held to the same standard when it comes to protections.
  • Give people agency and ownership of their data.
  • Take on politicians who protect social media companies from reform, or show their complicity by doing nothing to take them on.

We are disgusted by the fact that these companies have taken the most basic and important human impulse — the desire for connection — and have weaponized it for profit, at the expense of our children’s mental health and without regard to the division that they are creating. 

We are united and will not rest until these changes are made and our web is safe for our children and our communities.


We the web